Saturday, 28 February 2009

Recent study

North Ronaldsay Sheep. Acrylic on gessoed card, 6"x 8" Paul Murphy, 2008

This is a painting I did a few weeks ago from a photo I took while staying on the Orkney island of North Ronaldsay. These sheep are deliberately kept along the rocky shoreline and have become adapted to a diet almost exclusively of seaweed. This is actually a small section of a much larger scene. I liked this little composition and there is enough here to convey what I wanted about this subject.
I do use photos as a source for paintings but still have the nagging feeling that it's cheating in some way. I believe that in order to really improve painting skills it is essential to paint from life and I do this now as often as I can. I have recently bought a Pochade, which is a small portable painting box and easel which is ideal for doing quick outdoor oil sketches. I'm hoping to really get into using it this year and will post the results as I go along.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

About this site

New Paintings is a sort of diary where I will be posting my most recent paintings. These are mainly small studies done quickly on the spot and more finished paintings done indoors. My interests are currently landscape, still life and portraits.

Evening Light, Glasson Marsh