Thursday, 12 March 2009

Birch Trees Whitbarrow

Birch Trees Whitbarrow. 
 Oil on canvas board.8"x10"
This painting was worked up from a smaller painting posted a few days ago.


On Dalton Crags

On Dalton Crags. Oil on canvas board. 9"x12".
This composition needed quite a bit of simplification in order to make it work as a painting. The human eye is able to make sense of complex visual scenes in a moment and the brain automatically filters elements that complicate perception. To make a painting that 'works' requires a conscious effort to filter unnecessary elements. If everything was included and if there was too much attention to detail the picture would become difficult to read and it would risk becoming overcluttered.
Dalton Crags is a large limestone area and part of the wider limestone outcrop at the head of Morecambe Bay. These areas are of national importance for their flora and fauna. There are many Scots Pines which take on beautiful shapes and colours as they mature.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Birch Tree Whitbarrow, Cumbria.
Oil on canvas board. 9"x12"


Whitbarrow is one of my favourite locations. It is a large limestone outcrop close to the head of Morecambe Bay in south Cumbria. It has a number of rare species of orchid present and is particularly good for butterflies during the summer months.

Birches, Whitbarrow.
Oil on gessoed card. 6"x8"

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