Monday, 29 August 2011

Jura, from Kilmory Bay, evening.
Oil on gessoed card,  6"x8"
I'm begining to discover the possibilities of painting directly into the light. 
The Isle of Jura from Kilmory Bay
Oil on gessoed card,  6"x8"
A very quick sketch one blustery evening. The paps of Jura would vanish and re emerge as the clouds swirled in off the sea.
Eilean Loain, Loch Sween, Scotland.
Oil on gessoed card,  6"x8
I painted this over a couple of hours one afternoon on our recent trip to Scotland. There were otters swimming just offshore and an osprey flew overhead carrying a fish and calling loudly, presumably to its mate.

Sunderland Point
Oil on gessoed card,  6"x8"
This is a view on Sunderland Point on the west side of the Lune estuary. It is directly across the river from where I live.
It is a small village with several very old houses and was once the port for Lancaster further up river. The village is reached via a winding road that crosses the saltmarsh and which is completely covered at high tide, cutting it off from the mainland.
The Shore at Allithwaite
Oil on gessoed card,  6'x8"
A quick sketch done after work a few weeks ago. This is a lovely spot along the shore on the north side of Morecambe Bay not far from Ulverston.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

On Foulshaw Moss
Oil on gessoed card  6"x8"
It was a muggy close evening after work a couple of weeks ago. This is an important reserve for dragonflies and a myriad of other insect species, most of which were biting me!!
In Tarnbrook
Oil on gessoed card,  6"x8"