Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Rising Tide, Bazil Point
Oil on Gessoed card.  8"x10"
This is the painting I started when the picture was taken below. I often have to resist the temptation to carry on working on paintings when I get home and to 'improve' things. I could undoubtedly improve the drawing in parts but this inevitably leads to tightening things up and losing some of the spontenaety of the original statement. However the scene did look a lot more interesting with the water covering the area of saltmarsh immediately next to the path. Unfortunately it was like this for only a matter of minutes and I had no time to record the altered position of the boat and reflections. So I took a quick snap of the scene and used that as reference. This may be a source for a larger painting, or I may decide to have another go at it and bring this one to a higher finnish. I'd be very interested in other views on the issue of continuing plein air paintings away from the scene.

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