Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Shore, evening.
Oil on card, 6"x8"
A very quick sketch done after work one evening last week. I was using my lightweight pochade which will hold card sizes up to 6x8.
In reply to comment:
Tom, I have two Pochades. A 'Blackfoot' by Alla Prima Pochade. This is a wonderful piece of kit, and will carry boards up to 10x12 inches.
The second one, which I used for this painting is a cheap Pochade which can be bought at SAA or Ken Bromley art supplies. I've seen them advertised in other places as well. I've adapted mine by making a board holder which can hold 6x8 inch boards in the portrait format. The box itself only holds boards in landscape format so is limited. The holder I made can also hold smaller boards though I rarely paint smaller than 6x8. The main advantage of this one is its smaller size and lighter weight for carrying in a backpack. I'll take some photos of it and do a post. 
Sunderland Point
Oil on Board, 18"x24"

This is another version of a painting I did a while ago. I'm playing around with looser brushwork and a combination of glazes and scumbles.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

High Tide, Conder Green
Oil on canvas, 14"x18"
The Shore at Arnside
Oil on card, 6"x8"
A recent plein air study.