Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Shore, evening.
Oil on card, 6"x8"
A very quick sketch done after work one evening last week. I was using my lightweight pochade which will hold card sizes up to 6x8.
In reply to comment:
Tom, I have two Pochades. A 'Blackfoot' by Alla Prima Pochade. This is a wonderful piece of kit, and will carry boards up to 10x12 inches.
The second one, which I used for this painting is a cheap Pochade which can be bought at SAA or Ken Bromley art supplies. I've seen them advertised in other places as well. I've adapted mine by making a board holder which can hold 6x8 inch boards in the portrait format. The box itself only holds boards in landscape format so is limited. The holder I made can also hold smaller boards though I rarely paint smaller than 6x8. The main advantage of this one is its smaller size and lighter weight for carrying in a backpack. I'll take some photos of it and do a post. 


  1. Love these quick pochade paintings - fantastic! Which pochade box do you use? I bought quite an 8x6 cheap one from Abbey Easels and also have a nice Jullian Pochade but it takes non-standard panels.

  2. Photos would be good Paul. The Julian pochade is a really odd size too, so I got some plastic "U-Channel" from B&Q and superglued it to their boards to form some "reducers". I have one for 8x6 (Landscape & Portrait) and a 7x5 (Landscape & Portrait). They work really well. Here's a photo-link...

  3. I've seen the little Jullian pochade advertised. It looks like a nice and useable piece of kit. I keep my little 'cheapo' pochade in the car so it's handy after work. Next time I use it I'll try to remember to take a few shots of it and the adapted board holder. It's dark in the evenings now by the time I've finished so my outdoor work does slow down this time of year.